How To Attract More Business To Your Cafe


Many new cafes struggle to create a unique brand that helps them attract customers. If you need to get some fresh business into your cafe, consider these ideas for creating a wider appeal. 

Rewards for Repeat Customers

In order to keep people coming back to your cafe, consider how you can reward repeat customers. For instance, punch cards that give a free drink every so many purchases can encourage people to accumulate rewards at your cafe. You may also feature a new pastry every month or every week. Finally, getting to know your regulars can boost people's affinity with your shop; make a point of giving out freebies to regulars as a surprise every so often. 

Make It Work-Friendly

There is a growing sector of freelance workers who frequent local cafes, so it's important to be set up for business. In order to attract more workers to your cafe, be sure that you have a bright and spacious work area with plenty of electrical outlets. 

Having a great high speed internet service provider is crucial to keeping these customers happy. Choose a provider that can wire your entire cafe, and the patio, if you have one. The internet service provider's customer service policy is also key, as you'll need to be able to fix internet outages quickly. There are several ways to set up a commercial high speed internet service for your guests. You could choose to have a password protected connection for your guests, or you could install a software package that allows your patrons to sign on for a few hours at a time. If you want to know more about high speed internet options, contact Virginia Broadband, LLC.

Host Evening Events

In order to attract more business, you may need to become a community fixture. Even if you're not generally open in the evenings, it can be a great exercise to host local bands and artists for special events. You may choose to diverge from your normal menu to serve special drinks and desserts, or you could showcase some of your most popular dishes during the event. During the evening, make sure to remind people to come back; you can give them a 50% off coupon to encourage repeat business. 

Since there is so much competition between cafes for the best food and the best coffee, you may need to do more than just have great food in order to be successful. The suggestions above will help you to create a great atmosphere that becomes a second home to your customers. 


15 July 2015

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