Tips For Switching To A New Internet Provider


Have you decided to ditch your old Internet service provider and sign up with a new one? It may due to wanting better customer service or wanting access to unlimited data since you find yourself constantly running into your data cap. Here are some tips for switching to a new Internet provider that will help things go smoothly.

Have The New Service Installed As A New Line

When the installer comes to your home, one thing you'll want to make sure is that they install the service as a whole new line being run to your home. The installer will likely want to use the existing coax line that is being run to your home, but the installation process should include having a whole new line run to your home as if you never had the Internet installed at all.

You'll want to have a new line run for a few reasons. You don't know the condition that the old coax cable is in. After being installed for years, the inside of the cable may have rust on it due to water getting into the line, and a new coax cable will ensure that you have great connection speeds. You may also be keeping your TV service from the old provider, and simply want a new Internet service installed. In addition, having a separate coax line installed for a new service means that you could easily switch back to our old provider down the road if you wish.

Cancel The Old Service And Be Firm

You are going to be surprised at all the offers that may come in from your old Internet provider when you go to cancel. It is important that you remain firm about what you want them to do and not let the customer service representative sway you. Since the new service is already installed, it will be much easier to avoid those tempting offers for a service you are unsatisfied with. 

Return Your Old Equipment ASAP

Don't delay returning any existing equipment that you are renting to your Internet provider. You want to avoid getting charged for the equipment because you held onto it past the due date for the return, which can end up being quite costly. Some Internet providers have arrangements with a local shipping company in your area where you drop off the equipment and they pack and ship it for you, while others require that you return it to their office.

For more information, reach out to a local Internet provider. 


5 November 2020

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