Why Fiber Internet Is Best For Your Business


Do you need to select an Internet provider for your business and have the option to get fiber Internet? You'll definitely want to know the benefits that it can provide that make it a worthwhile upgrade. 

Dedicated Internet Connection

One of the unique things about fiber Internet is that you have a dedicated Internet connection to your business. When you use other systems based on coax cable with copper wire, your local area is often connected through the same hub. This means that other people using a lot of Internet bandwidth can impact your connection to the Internet. This is not ideal when running a business and you need uptime during working hours.

Fiber Internet is going to have a dedicated Internet connection to your business. The speeds that you pay for are the speeds that you get. You will not have to worry about neighbors using too much bandwidth and slowing down your connection.

Download Speeds

Fiber Internet often has options for speeds that are much faster than coax cable providers. That's because the data is sent through fiber wires that transfer information through light. You don't have the limitations that coax cable has. It's very common to be offered gigabit Internet speeds because of this. If you run a business where you download a lot of data, the download speeds may be very important to you. 

Upload Speeds

You may be wondering why coax cable Internet often has much slower upload speeds than download speeds. This is because coax cables limit the direction of data to either uploading or downloading. More cables are bonded together for downloading because this is what most customers do the most. Fewer cables are dedicated to uploading because it is simply less of a priority for customers. So, you end up with slow upload speeds and really fast download speeds.

Fiber Internet does not limit your upload speeds since it matches the speed package that you are paying for. If you pay for a 1-gigabit connection for download speeds, then you will get a 1-gigabit connection for upload speeds as well. 

This can be really beneficial for businesses that upload large amounts of data. For example, a video post-production facility may need to get footage to editors that are working remotely. Fiber Internet will allow those files to upload at the fastest speed possible, getting that crucial footage to employees in the minimum amount of time. 

For more information about small business fiber Internet, contact a local service provider.


14 September 2022

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